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European Quality Charter for Mobility

To assure the quality of our services, we comply with the 10 following principles of the European Quality Charter for Mobility:

  • information and guidance: we provide access to clear and reliable sources of information and guidance on mobility and the conditions in which it can be taken up, and we clarify the roles of sending and hosting organisations;
  • learning plan: methods before the course, we draw up a plan with the objectives and expected outcomes, as well as the evaluation tasks;
  • personalisation: we care about personal learning pathways, skills and motivation of participants, that is why we tailor our courses according to the needs of participants;
  • general preparation: before departure, if required, we provide participants with general preparation tailored to their specific needs and cover linguistic, pedagogical, legal, cultural or financial aspects;
  • linguistic aspects: we collaborate with professional translators, linguists and native speakers (in our team we have Greek, English, Polish and Latvian speakers), and we support the participants in linguistic aspects before, during and after the mobility;
  • logistical support: we care about the comfort of participants and we do our best to make their mobility abroad smooth and fully-planned. We collaborate with many well-known hotels and transport companies to give the sending institution the good and reliable offers and services. Together with the sending institution we agree the details about the cultural program of the mobility which includes at least two trips, and, if applicable, we organize the accommodation, insurance and transfer;
  • mentoring: our coordinators provide mentoring before, during and after mobility; we also monitor the implementation of the program during the course;
  • recognition: we provide the certificates of attendance for every participant of our course, and we support the participants and sending organization in the recognition and certification process including the assistance in issuing the Europass Mobility certificate;
  • reintegration and evaluation: we provide the evaluation questionnaires to each participant after the course, and monitor the implementation of the objectives of the course during the mobility; the sending institution and each participant will receive the necessary support with the reintegration process after the training;
  • commitments and responsibilities: before the training, we sign the learning agreement with each participant and the quality commitment document, to confirm the responsibilities of each party and ensure the best quality standards.