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Oct 17, 2021 - Oct 23, 2021
7 calendar days
12 Participants Maximum
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Oct 17-23, 2021Paphos
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Technology in the classroom

Technology is not an option, it’s a necessity in the modern classroom.

The use of technology in the modern classroom is especially important for educators eager to reach today’s tech-minded students. As a result, educators need to keep up with the latest developments in technology and software applications. By using innovative tools in the field of education, you will increase young people’s creativity, critical thinking, individuality and management skills.

Our educational technology courses can help bridge the knowledge gap that some educators feel, giving you the tools you need to have an effective, integrated and interactive classroom. In particular, this course will enable you to learn how to engage your students through interactive activities and through innovative and active learning. You will also learn how to create a student-centered classroom by using flipped classroom and blended learning methods; such methods enable you to help your students develop problem-solving and project-thinking skills. We focus on practical aspects of integrating new technologies into education, and that is why the major part of the course is based on practical work.

Technology in the Classroom is taught by a certified educator

Learning Outcomes

After the course you will:

  • Be able to integrate new technologies into education
  • Have developed understanding of ICT
  • Be able to create your own video/presentation/animated lesson/video-lessons/video-discussions for learning purposes
  • Know how to use different kinds of software, web site and multimedia tools for your educational needs
  • Have developed knowledge of e-learning, flipped classroom and blended learning methods
  • Be able to use platforms for e-learning
  • Be able to teach with the use of Google Classroom, and create and grade coursework with Google Assignments
  • Be able to create your own basic web site or blog
  • Have developed creativity and computer skills
  • Have enhanced communication skills useful for acting in the international environment
  • Exchanged experiences and knowledge with people from different countries
Day 1Welcoming day
Session 1Introduction: introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue
Session 2What is ICT? Course overview
Session 3Ice-breaking activities
Session 4City tour to sites of historical interest and museums of PaphosPreview

Day 2Making and editing a video
Session 5How to create and edit a video for learning purposes?
Session 6Animated presentations/lessons with Powtoon
Session 7Practical work
Session 8Video-lesson, video-discussion with Flipgrid
Session 9Practical work
Session 10Trip to Akamas Peninsula (optional)Preview

Day 3Authoring tools
Session 11Creating quizzes, mazes, puzzles for learning purposes
Session 12Practical work
Session 13Creating a talking avatar with Voki
Session 14Practical work
Session 15Recording yourself/your lesson with the use of computer
Session 16Practical work
Day 4Introduction to e-learning and blended learning
Session 17What is e-learning and how to use it in the classroom?
Session 18Introduction to the blended learning method
Session 19Online platforms useful for blended learning
Session 20Practical work
Session 21Trip to Omodos and Limassol (optional)Preview

Day 5Flipped classroom method
Session 22The concept of flipped classroom method
Session 23Using the online whiteboard tool
Session 24Practical work
Session 25Introduction to Edmodo, Kahoot, Socrates platforms
Session 26Managing online projects, sharing learning resources online
Session 27Practical work
Day 6G Suite for Education
Session 28Teaching with Google Classroom
Session 29Create and grade coursework with Google Assignments
Session 30Practical work
Session 31Communicate with students and parents through Google Groups
Session 32Create a web site for your class using Google Sites
Session 33Practical work
Day 7Conclusion of the course
Session 34Course evaluation. Completing the questionnaires.
Session 35Handing certificates to participants
Session 36Space for discussion and networking
Session 37Additional trip (optional)
Session 38Traditional dinner

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