Onsite Course
Jun 24, 2024 - Jun 28, 2024
5 days
4 Students Enrolled
(8 Seats Available)
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June 24-28, 2024Paphos
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English course

This English language course is tailored to participants with at least A2-B1 level. Our instructors are native English speakers.

The course is addressed to school staff and teachers of different educational levels, who want to improve their communication (speaking and listening), writing and presentation skills in English. During the course, you will develop your skills in English vocabulary and grammar and improve your pronunciation through direct contact with native speakers. The methodology used in this course is based on practical language learning, and after every session you will participate in group discussions or group projects/ games.

The cost of the course plus the costs of travelling, accommodation and other daily expenses can be covered by an Erasmus+ KA1 grant; more info here.




  • Improved speaking skills and pronunciation in English
  • Improved English vocabulary, with focus on that for everyday communication
  • Improved writing skills in English (including formal writing)
  • Development of knowledge on English grammatical rules
  • Improved comprehension of spoken English by listening
  • Familiarity with helpful tools and methods for further education
  • Increased knowledge of the history and cultural heritage of Cyprus
  • Enhanced communication skills in the international environment
  • Improved presentation skills in English
  • Enriched language skills through direct contact with native speakers
Day 1Welcoming day. Language assessment.
Session 1Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
Session 2Course overview.
Session 3Evaluation of the participants’ competences.
Session 4Ice-breaking activities.
Session 5City tour.
Day 2History and cultural heritage of Cyprus
Session 6Grammar rules and vocabulary refresher.
Session 7History and cultural heritage of Cyprus - basic information.
Session 8Group work and discussion about cultural heritage of Cyprus, as well as the participants’ countries of origin.
Session 9Exercises and practical work according to participants’ needs.
Session 10Trip to Akamas (optional)
Session 11Learning through outdoor activities - visiting a local museum/historical place. Listening to a tour guide. Practicing communication skills.
Session 12Outdoor games. Group work.
Session 13Practicing grammar rules and vocabulary.
Session 14Discussion.
Day 4Pronunciation, writing and reading
Session 15Pronunciation: phonetic alphabet.
Session 16Working with text.
Session 17Practicing writing and listening skills with ICT tools.
Session 18Role-playing, group work. Practical scenarios.
Session 19Discussion.
Session 20Trip to Limassol and Omodos (optional).
Day 5Formal communication - Conclusion
Session 21Writing a business email, CV and cover letter.
Session 22Vocabulary and grammar rules useful in formal communication.
Session 23Practical work.
Session 24Useful online tools and web platforms.
Session 25Discussion.
Session 26Handing the certificates to participants.

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