Onsite Course
Apr 4, 2021 - Apr 10, 2021
7 calendar days
12 Participants Maximum
Course Certificate
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Dates in 2020-21Place
April 4-10, 2021Krakow
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Film education

The main objective of this course is to develop the participants’ film literacy. During the course you will gain knowledge of formal aspects, technical aspects and narration in the field of film and visual arts, and you will learn how to create your own basic movie/animation for learning purposes.

The use of digital media in an educational environment enhances the process of learning. By integrating the film education in your classroom, you will be able to develop critical thinking and creativity in your students. In this course you will also learn about a very successful educational method – blended learning, and we will show you, how to integrate the film education and digital media in the classroom through this method.



After the course you will:

  • Develop your knowledge about film components, form and narration
  • Be able to recognize the Hollywood style cinema and author’s cinema
  • Be able to recognize and understand contemporary film narration
  • Learn how to make film analysis
  • Be able to use film medium for learning purposes
  • Be able to use multimedia as a part of blended learning and flipped classroom method
  • Know how to create a conspectus of a lesson around a movie and where to search for appropriate examples for specific age groups
  • Develop your knowledge about increasing students’ creativity and motivation through digital media
  • Be able to create and edit a movie/animation for learning purposes
  • Be able to enhance you communication skills in an international environment
  • Exchange the experiences and knowledge with educators from different countries.
Day 1Welcoming day
Session 1Introduction: introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue
Session 2Course overview
Session 3Ice-breaking activities
Session 4City tour to sites of historical interest and museums of Kraków
Day 2Film narration and form
Session 5The components of film form
Session 6Zero style narration
Session 7Group work
Session 8Author’s Cinema. Examples
Session 9Nonlinear narration
Session 10Group work. Film’s analysis
Day 3Contemporary film form
Session 11Postmodern narration
Session 12Film’s analysis
Session 13Games with the audience – when the barrier between audience and film staff disappear
Session 14Film’s analysis
Session 15Group work
Session 16Trip to the Salt Mine in WIeliczka (optional)
Day 4Blended learning and flipped classroom. Film in the classroom
Session 17Blended learning concept
Session 18How to use film medium in flipped classroom method?
Session 19Different methods of using a film in the classroom
Session 20Film medium in modern learning. Impacts
Session 21Group work
Day 5Film resources
Session 22Film education for specific age groups
Session 23Resources – useful web platforms
Session 24The concept of a lesson around a movie
Session 25Group work
Session 26Trip to Auschwitz (optional)
Day 6Making and editing a video/animation
Session 27How to easily make a video/animation for learning purposes?
Session 28Practical work
Session 29Editing a film material
Session 30Practical work based on the participants’ needs
Session 31Group projects
Session 32Course evaluation. Completing the questionnaires
Session 33Handing the certificates to participants
Session 34Space for discussion and networking
Session 35Additional trip (optional)
Session 36Traditional dinner

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