Onsite Course
Dec 12, 2021 - Dec 18, 2021
7 calendar days
12 Participants Maximum
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Dec 12-18, 2021Paphos
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Blended learning

Have you ever heard the phrase “Learn the learner, as the learner learns”? In this phrase we can find the clue to contemporary, successful learning and the main objective of virtual learning. Have you ever heard about blended learning and flipped classroom? Even if you did, we know how hard it is to approach appropriate web platforms by yourself without a good practical knowledge and guidance, and that it is also a time-consuming task. But with our ICT and new media specialists, you will have the opportunity to learn of the most useful tools and theoretical concepts of virtual learning. We want to show you how to tailor the learning process to every student by using new technology, how to change or combine the traditional face-to-face education to virtual, distance learning, and why it is so important in the contemporary classroom.

You will learn how to create a student-centered classroom by using flipped classroom and blended learning methods, which will enable you to help your students develop management, problem-solving and project-thinking skills. By integrating ICT in your classroom, you will also increase young people’s creativity, and engagement in education.

And most importantly, after the course you will be able to create your own web site for learning purposes and use the best web platforms to manage your virtual classroom! Moreover, you will be able to create and edit multimedia materials and use authoring tools, which will be of significant help in your flipped classroom project.



Learning outcomes

After the course you will have:

  • Developed knowledge of new technologies and web platforms for e-learning
  • Developed understanding of ICT
  • Ability to create your own video/presentation/animated lesson for learning purposes
  • Developed knowledge of different kinds of web platforms and authoring tools which you can use in blended learning method
  • Developed knowledge and understanding of e-learning, flipped classroom and blended learning methods
  • Ability to combine face-to-face education with virtual learning
  • Ability to use and manage e-learning web platforms
  • Ability to create and manage your own web site or blog
  • Developed creativity and computer skills
  • Ability to enhance you communication skills in an international environment
  • Exchanged experiences and knowledge with educators from different countries.
Day 1Welcoming day
Session 1Introduction: introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
Session 2Course overview
Session 3Network activities
Session 4City tour to sites of historical interest and museums of Paphos
Day 2The concept of e-learning
Session 5What is e-learning and how can we use it in a classroom?
Session 6How to create a video, animation, presentation for learning purposes. Powtoon.
Session 7Practical work
Session 8Trip to Akamas Peninsula (optional)
Day 3The concept of blended learning and flipped classroom
Session 9What is blended learning?
Session 10How to change the traditional way of learning and personalize the education?
Session 11The concept of flipped classroom method
Session 12Using the online whiteboard tool
Session 13Practical work
Session 14Edmodo, Kahoot, Socrates – introduction
Day 4Creating an e-learning space for your students
Session 15Exploring an e-learning platform
Session 16Creating and managing your e-learning space
Session 17Practical work
Session 18Using authoring tools for your e-learning space
Session 19Creating quizzes for learning purposes with useful authoring tools
Session 20Practical work
Session 21Group projects
Day 5Introduction to web design
Session 22The basic rules and components of web design
Session 23Introduction to WordPress
Session 24Creating a model of your web site
Session 25Practical work
Session 26Trip to Limassol and Omodos (optional)
Day 6Developing your own web site or blog
Session 27Creating an e-learning space on the web site
Session 28Adding a page and other elements to the web site
Session 29Practical work
Session 30Adding multimedia to the web site
Session 31Practical work
Session 32Management of the web site
Session 33Practical work based on the participants’ needs
Day 7Conclusion of the course
Session 34Course evaluation. Completing the questionnaires.
Session 35Handing the certificates to participants
Session 36Space for discussion and networking
Session 37Additional trip (optional)
Session 38Traditional dinner

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